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RE Technology Content Contributors

Jeremy Crawford

Contributor´s Information

Profile Image Jeremy Crawford, the Executive Director of the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO), brings a veteran’s eye to the non-profit’s vision of creating a streamlined real estate technology industry. He has more than 15 years of information technology experience in the real estate, financial services and education sectors.

Latest Posts

RESO Tech Summit in Austin is headed for a sellout
Article: Published on 02/13/2017
Tagged: Tech Conference
Why Do Standards Matter for Real Estate Brokers?
Article: Published on 02/05/2017
Tagged: Webinar , Data Qualtiy Compliance
Making the Leadership Lists: The Growing Influence of RESO
Article: Published on 01/25/2017
Tagged: Data Qualtiy Compliance
Maximizing Your membership: Sign Up for a RESO Workgroup
Article: Published on 12/19/2016
Tagged: Data Qualtiy Compliance
When the White House Calls
Article: Published on 11/29/2016
Tagged: Tech Conference , Data Sharing
RESO Workgroup is Developing New Standards for Internet Tracking
Article: Published on 10/17/2016
Tagged: Interview , Data Qualtiy Compliance
2017 RESO Board of Directors Nominations
Article: Published on 10/10/2016
Tagged: Data Qualtiy Compliance
RESO looks to sell out Nashville Conference with broker-heavy agenda
Article: Published on 09/26/2016
Tagged: Tech Conference , Data Qualtiy Compliance

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