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RE Technology Content Contributors

Jeremy Conaway

Contributor´s Information

Profile Image Jeremy Conaway is a keynote speaker, conference facilitator and consultant to the Real Estate industry. He is President of RECON Intelligence Services, and can be reached at 231.938.7326, or

Latest Posts

Upstream: Our Own Manhattan Project
Article: Published on 11/23/2016
Tagged: Editorial , Data Sharing
Working with Those Wonderful Millennials
Article: Published on 10/04/2016
Tagged: Editorial
Inman Connect: Envisioning Tomorrow – Not Your Same Old Future
Article: Published on 08/18/2016
Tagged: Tech Conference , Trade Show, Social Media
Managing Innovation Generated Team Conflict
Article: Published on 07/10/2016
Tagged: Editorial
Upstream: Our Own Manhattan Project
Article: Published on 05/12/2016
Tagged: Editorial , Data Sharing
An Experience Named Eric
Article: Published on 04/24/2016
Tagged: Service
Full Circle on the Consumer Experience
Article: Published on 03/07/2016
Tagged: Editorial

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