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Close Transactions More Efficiently

Stop chasing paperwork. Remove the back and forth between your agents and your staff with our transaction management and paperless document storage solution, loadingDOCS. With loadingDOCS you can be truly seamless and remove duplicate data entry. Whether your agents submit transaction documents manually or electronically, everything will funnel into place with loadingDOCS. loadingDOCS provides you with the tools to:

  •  Upload a package of PDFs for your transaction and split into the appropriate documents
  •  Automaticly track all documentation required for each transaction and listing
  •  Fullly integrate into brokerWOLF through transactions

 Automate document status change notifications including:  

  • Reminder of missing documents
  • Office staff approval
  • Notice of incomplete documents

 Document checklist allows for easy management of deal documentation, with configuration for:  

  • Property type
  • Due date
  • Each agent and staff receives their own loadingDOCS clipboard
  • Users can share clipboards
  • Preview of uploaded documents