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Property Info's SureClose: 10/08/2010

Property Info's SureClose

A Full RET Product Review

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Published: 10/08/2010
Posted by: RE Technology

SureClose transaction management originated in the Title world and was designed to be used by transaction specialists. It is a very full-featured and powerful transaction management system but was not designed to be used primarily at the agent level. To make certain functionality available to both agents and consumers SureClose has been designed with two separate views, the Professional interface and the Basic (or Guest) interface. The Professional interface is used primarily by the internal title and settlement staff, such as the processor, escrow officer and/or transaction management coordinator, to manage the real estate transaction. The professional interface is the deepest product with all functionality enabled. The Basic interface is used to provide views and limited editing control in the transaction to the agents and their clients.

There are two methods to create a new file in SureClose. You can input all of the data directly into SureClose, or you can import the order data into SureClose from AIM+ or AIM for Windows. AIM is a production system widely used in the title and escrow industry for order entry, document preparation, escrow closing, escrow accounting and 1099-S reporting.

While SureClose was designed for use by transaction coordinators any user with reasonable technical skills could successfully navigate the system. There are various wizards that walk users through the different operations, such as adding contact information in which data and photos can be stored. The bigger issue for a product as deep as the SureClose system is understanding “how” to integrate the power of the transaction system into a company’s overall business procedures, which is likely to be more successful if managed by a dedicated staff person.


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Property Info's SureClose

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