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DocBox Review: 10/11/2010

DocBox Review

A Full RET Product Review

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RET Staff Go to Profile RET Staff
Published: 10/11/2010
Posted by: RE Technology

While this review is on DocBox you really can’t review the Instanet product line without noting the entire family of Instanet products.   The reason is the fact that customers can start virtually anywhere in the product line and then add features that incorporate virtually the same user interface.  Many users, for example, may start with the Internet Fax product or the Document Management product “DocBox” and later on add the full Transaction Manager “TransactionDesk” functionality.  Or they might start with Instanet forms and later add the Document Manager.  This full suite of products from Internet Fax through Digital Signature is a significant strength of the Instanet Solutions product line.

DocBox has always been a solid product but with the recent changes made to the user interface the product, along with the entire Instanet suite of products, is even more attractive.


Comments on: DocBox Review
by Victor Lund 2010-06-18 20:51:45
Melanie Blakeney likes DocBox

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DocBox Review

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