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SEO Google Guru’s Website Designs

User Product Rating

5 out of 5 by 1 User(s)

Product Description

SEO Google Guru's Website Designs is editing software that helps agents and brokers make website pages with no experience or HTML knowledge create a website. It is designed to be easy to use. Users can drag and drop images or text on the page until they like what they see. From there they can upload it to their website.

Web Site Design comes with 10 Web site design themes to be used as a starting place for a website design.

  • Create websites with multiple pages, text fields, graphics, animations, and more.
  • Add images or use the built-in button and background creators.
  • Browse a large selection of available themes.

Website Design also has its own image creation tools so there's no need for other graphics software. Users can add effects like glow, shadow, and transparency to text and images, and make custom mouse over buttons and effects. Visual Site Designer creates all the images and JavaScript for you. When the users feel like they have designed the right look for your page, they upload it to their server. Website Design puts all pages and images online for the user.

Whenever you upload your website, Website Designer saves a copy of the file to their server. This way, if they ever experience a computer crash, your project files are in a safe place.

Product Details


Agent, Broker

Product Types

Data Backup, SEO,
Web Design

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User Product Rating

5 out of 5 by 1 User(s)