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Maya Paveza

Stop Thinking Tick-Tock and Start Thinking Cha-Ching!

Making Time for Social Media Pays Off

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Maya Paveza Go to Profile Maya Paveza
Published: 10/17/2010
Posted by: Maya Paveza Inc.

When I am talking to real estate agents about social media one statement comes up over and over again. “It takes too much time.” The statement is usually made by an agent who is not using social media so I probe further by asking them how much time should it take and how much time is too much? Usually this forces them to reconsider the statement before answering.

Social media can be a huge time commitment, if you make it one. For a real estate agent the key is to determine your purpose and focus your activities in the social media world. If you try to be everywhere all at once you will have some difficulty with time constraints, but if you identify the platforms that are of most interest and you are the most adept at then you will find it is a lot easier and you are far more successful.

During my presentations or classes I recommend six different sites or platforms to use and the order does actually have an impact.


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Stop Thinking Tick-Tock and Start Thinking Cha-Ching!

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