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Monday Morning Motivation

She Looked Like a Million Bucks!

A Monday Morning Motivation

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Published: 04/25/2011
Posted by: RE Technology

She looked like a million bucks. She was well dressed, wore jewelry, makeup, and a top-of- the-line wig. She walked upright and held a cane. I was told that she was 105 years old. I swear, she only looked 80! My parents are snowbirds and each year for 4 months, they migrate their lives to their condo in Florida, and surround themselves with a boatload of friends and relatives. Last week, I went to visit them for March break. The moment I arrived, I was greeted by all their buddies. Within minutes, my aunt pulled me aside and pointed out a woman, dressed to the nines, who was sitting in the shade, knitting. In a hushed tone, I was told that the woman in the pink suit was 105 years old and I was instructed to get a picture of her. My jaw dropped, she looked fabulous! By virtue of the rarity of the moment, I attempted to get a good shot of her with my camera. Discretely, I snapped some pictures and got a few distant side shots of her, none of which did her justice.


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She Looked Like a Million Bucks!

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