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Product Reviews

Product Review: Merge, a New Seller Servicing Tool for Brokers

By RE Technology Staff

3.75 out of 5 by 4 User(s)

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Published: 10/17/2012
Posted by: RE Technology

Real estate brokers support their listing agents and sellers by developing strategies for listing and marketing homes in the best possible way. For many brokerages and agents, this is their secret sauce that delivers great results.

There are two problems with executing the broker strategy for selling a home. The first is keeping the agent on track with the process. The second is the problem of reporting all of the activities to the seller. Merge is an application that solves these problems.


Merge uses "timelines" to manage all of the activities that are involved in marketing a home. If you can imagine a Facebook timeline, you will understand the Merge timeline. They are different, but the visualization will help you appreciate how the activities are reported. For Merge, each listing has a timeline, and the timeline can be shared with anyone who needs access. Timeline even accepts attachments such as property photos or documents.



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Product Review: Merge, a New Seller Servicing Tool for Brokers

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