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Product Reviews

Product Review: BrokerSumo Delivers Comprehensive Back Office Solution

By Javan Briggs

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Published: 02/15/2017
Posted by: RE Technology

brokersumo_logoTime and again, we hear from brokers and agent teams that are frustrated with the back office management technologies available to them. Some spend an arm and a leg for big name solutions with cumbersome tools that are never actually used. Some make do by cobbling together multiple tools that are not industry-specific. That's why we were pleased to see BrokerSumo recently come into the running with an 'all-in-one' answer specifically for real estate.

BrokerSumo is a robust new platform for brokers and agents to comprehensively manage day-to-day business—from human resource functions to commission management and even accounting. The single user-friendly portal offers only the features that brokers and agents actually need at an accessible price point.

Simple Agent and Account Management for Brokers and Teams

We were especially impressed with the way BrokerSumo streamlines all the processes and tasks that go into end-to-end agent management. For instance, onboarding new agents is straightforward and hassle-free with a clean user interface. While brokers can choose to input all of the new agent data into the system themselves, it is almost effortless to use the electronic onboarding platform that enables agents to e-sign and upload all the necessary documents.

After entering the agents' email address, assigning a commission plan, and adding the start date, brokers can select whether to use an existing onboarding package template or create a customized one. With a click of a button—voila!—the new recruit will receive an email requesting online completion.



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Product Review: BrokerSumo Delivers Comprehensive Back Office Solution

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