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Product Reviews

Product Review: agentWOLF

By Kelly J. Phelan, RET Content Editor

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Kelly Phelan Go to Profile Kelly Phelan
Published: 11/04/2013
Posted by: RET Staff

lwolf_agentwolfAs a broker, the success of your company depends on the success of your agents. However, between all the showings, closings and other tasks, it can be difficult for your agents to maintain what has become essential in today's market--a strong web presence.

agentWOLF is a suite of products and services from Lone Wolf that helps your agents stay competitive in today's modern market. By providing tools and expert guidance, your agents are able to create and maintain a compelling presence, as well as learn lead generation strategies and other tactics for online success.

agentWOLF is one way that brokers can invest in the success of their agents while enhancing the value proposition of their brokerage. Below is a quick summary of the components in the agentWOLF suite. Click through to the next page for a more thorough overview of each.

  • agentWOLF websites - Customizable websites with 100+ template options available.
  • M.A.T.E. (Marketing And Technology Expert) - Consulting services to help agents set up their websites, improve SEO, and more.
  • ReTechulous - Lead generation tools and weekly online strategy sessions.
  • agentWOLF Video - Video creation and editing tools with lead capture capabilities.
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Product Review: agentWOLF

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