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Lifestyle Search Opportunity

Give the Next Wave of Customers What They Want

Part 2 of a 4 Part Series Called the Lifestyle Search Opportunity

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Published: 12/21/2010
Posted by: RET Staff

iStock_000010060651XSmallI interviewed a top-producing agent in San Francisco a few days ago. We were talking about the role of technology in the real estate process. It was a fascinating discussion. She is on the top of her game. Many listings, many successful transactions with buyers this year and yet she struggles with how to stay relevant with her younger clients. She told me:

“I am absolutely frightened of new technologies, and yet I KNOW I need to communicate and provide information differently than I used to. I believe it is much more difficult to create a deep personal relationship with younger consumers because they don’t want to sit down and talk about what their real needs are. They want me to provide information on my website so they can do their own research and then tell me what they’ve found. They require that the agent provide as much information as they can to empower the consumer to get comfortable with the information themselves.”


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Give the Next Wave of Customers What They Want

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