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Friday Freebies

Friday Freebie: Online Lead Conversion Guide from

By RE Technology Staff

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Published: 03/28/2013
Posted by: RE Technology

realtor-com_tag-medIn this week's Friday Freebie, the good people from® are sharing their expertise and helping agents and brokers solve the problems of lost leads.

The company administers thousands of buyer and seller lead generation programs and, as a result, spends hours each day on the phone listening to the stories – both good and bad – of agents and brokers. They've discovered some techniques that crack the code on lead conversion, and are sharing them in a free online guide.

Free Online Lead Conversion Guide from

It seems obvious that picking up the phone, answering the email or text, and being timely in replying to consumers should be the easiest step in lead conversion. But there are circumstances like being occupied with another customer, or having to reserve at least some time for the family that make it impossible to be 100% responsive.®'s newly updated guide to internet lead conversion deals with this problem and shares ideas real agents have put in place to get around this issue and several more. The guide provides answers on how to re-open a conversation with a non-responsive customer, how to add personality to autoresponders, and many more ideas that actually helped agents close more of their leads.

The guide runs the gamut of technology solutions, good dialogue and simple common sense and is available for free from®

Learn how to get a copy of®'s FREE Lead Conversion Plan!


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Friday Freebie: Online Lead Conversion Guide from

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