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Monday Morning Motivation

Do You Have a Love of Learning?

Monday Morning Motivation

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Published: 05/23/2011
Posted by: RE Technology

speechIn the season of graduations, cap and gowns and celebrations, speeches and uplifting words bubble over like a champagne toast.

Motivational words to young graduates can be surpirisngly appropriate for workng professionals, to remind us of the idealism and optimism that guided our initial fervor and feeling that the world was at our fingertips. 

One of the topics may graduates contemplate is information. What do they do with all the information in their mind? 

David McCullough, in his 2008 Commencement address to Boston College outlines several reasons why the love of learning, rather than the information is the key to success.  Below are some excerpts from his address.


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Do You Have a Love of Learning?

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