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Why Marketers Take Social Media Likes Seriously: 03/16/2011

Why Marketers Take Social Media Likes Seriously

Likes Send Real Estate Agents More Customers

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Suresh Srinivasan Go to Profile Suresh Srinivasan
Published: 03/16/2011
Posted by: ReachFactor

facebook_logoSeveral months ago Bing and Facebook announced a partnership to bring Facebook ‘likes’ into search results. More recently Google started testing social search as well.

Social search’ is when the data from social networks and search engines combine to provide a more personalized experience for everyday consumers. Google will display results from people in your social network on the first page of search results.

This social-search-meld, I think, has huge implications for real estate brokers. Given that the 30- to 45-year-old demographic turns to the Web to research people and things, brokers and agents who are active online and build connections with their customers and prospects through social media will have a huge advantage over agents who don’t.


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Why Marketers Take Social Media Likes Seriously

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