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What Does It Take to Make Content All The Time?: 03/05/2013

What Does It Take to Make Content All The Time?

By guest contributor Chris Brogan

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Published: 03/05/2013
Posted by: RE Technology

Guest contributor Chris Brogan says:

road-to-successContent marketing? That takes a lot of time, doesn't it?

Are you in a hurry to get somewhere? Yes. Content marketing takes time. And getting it right takes a lot of work, and by work, I mean practice, not research. You can look at demographics all day, but if you really want to get going, you've got to start doing, start failing, learning where to avoid the failures if you can, and keep going.


Have you seen Vine yet? Twitter just launched it. It lets you record six second videos. Like this.

I just started using it. There's probably a few ways it could be useful. I thought of one right away, and some of my friends are already making their own version. I promoted who was on my radio show like this.

So maybe little six second videos aren't your thing. Maybe you prefer text? Great! Blog. And keep a great newsletter going. A photo person? Swell! Use Instagram. Or Facebook. Or Flickr. Who cares? Pick whichever platform you want.


You try things. You see what people are asking about. I dipped into Twitter and saw people asking about details of social media for customer service purposes. Pow. I could write a post about that. I looked on my free health and nutrition group and lots of people are asking for smoothie and juicing recipes. Maybe I'll make a quick ebook and pop it into the Amazon store. Or I'll have a live Hangout on Air and share recipes in real time with people from my kitchen.


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What Does It Take to Make Content All The Time?

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