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[Video] Unleashing the Marketing Power of RESO for Brokers: 02/16/2017

[Video] Unleashing the Marketing Power of RESO for Brokers

By Kelly J. Phelan, RET Content Editor

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Kelly Phelan Go to Profile Kelly Phelan
Published: 02/16/2017
Posted by: RET Staff

According to a recent survey, most brokerages have five or more tools/systems that don't communicate with each other. These are critical systems, too, like accounting, human resources, back office, CMA, etc.

The problem? Many of these tools speak "different languages," due in part to a lack of standardized data fields. In fact, brokers say inconsistent data fields from the MLSs that they work with is their no. 1 data challenge. This is a challenge that increases technology costs and  the time it takes to get to market for products that use MLS data.

So what's a broker to do? For an increasing number of real estate brokers, the solution is to rely on data standards. According to the aforementioned survey, a whopping 91 percent of brokers believe that data standards are critical. Brokers surveyed believe that consistent data flowing across the MLSs that they use means benefits like:

  • Lower technology costs
  • Focus moves to technology innovation
  • Bug fixes are faster to implement
  • Product enhancements are faster to market
  • Quicker response time

The benefits of data standards is a topic we tackled in depth last week during a live webinar with the Real Estate Standards Organization last week. RESO's CEO, Jeremy Crawford, and RESO board member Tom Flanagan, VP Technology for Alain Pinel Realtors in Bay, joined us for "Unleashing the Marketing Power of RESO for Brokers."

Missed the webinar? Don't worry, you can catch the full replay in the recorded video below:


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[Video] Unleashing the Marketing Power of RESO for Brokers

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