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The market is poised for big change. Are you?: 11/07/2012

The market is poised for big change. Are you?

An article from the Real Estate Digital newsletter

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Published: 11/07/2012
Posted by: RE Technology

timeThe time is now.

You've probably heard that a million times in the course of your life and business. But never has it been so true.

We've finally arrived at the inflection point where consumers and real estate agents are both ready to manage the home sale transaction online.

People weren't quite ready for this ten, five, or even two years ago. They are now.

How do we know? Think about other things people do online now that would've been unthinkable not too long ago: They will rent a complete stranger's apartment or house without ever meeting them in person (likewise, they're willing to rent out their own residence to complete strangers!).

They will deposit checks by snapping a picture with their phone and uploading it to a mobile app. They'll send all their financial data to one online source to get a big-picture view of where their money is going or growing.

Work and business have also made huge strides in moving online. One market analyst now estimates that 375 million people use free and paid cloud storage systems like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive, and the number could climb to 500 million by the end of 2012.


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The market is poised for big change. Are you?

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