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The Easiest Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing (And Why It’s So Hard): 02/05/2012

The Easiest Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing (And Why It’s So Hard)

An article from RISMedia.

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Published: 02/05/2012
Posted by: RET Staff

(eM+C) Some things in life sound so simple, like burning more calories than you consume. But in reality it’s quite difficult to reach the end goal, in this example losing weight. The same can be said of elements within an email program. Some efforts sound really easy to execute but are quite difficult to pull off. Let’s visit some of those programmatic strategies that sound easy but aren’t, then explore approaches to surmounting the obstacles.

1. Testing. It’s always the first thing to go when schedules get tight — and schedules are always tight. Even simple A/B subject line tests can complicate matters. When working under a deadline to get a campaign out, it’s often necessary to streamline wherever possible.

How to break the habit: Some companies set unreasonable expectations, such as every campaign should be tested. Yes, that’s true, but it’s not necessarily realistic. Start with an achievable goal. Perhaps it’s conducting one subject line test a month or a unique audience split once per quarter. Schedule it into the campaign way ahead of time, making sure not to leave it until the end of the month or quarter. You’ll find that with each win (especially when it translates to dollars), the inclusion of a test gets easier and easier.

2. Purging inactive subscribers. Sounds easy until you start debating what constitutes as inactive and the ripple effect it might have. There’s also the option to run a re-engagement campaign first.


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The Easiest Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing (And Why It’s So Hard)

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