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Smash Your Doubts About Mobile Apps: 09/14/2016

Smash Your Doubts About Mobile Apps

By Luke Reid on the Smarter Agent blog

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Published: 09/14/2016
Posted by: RET Staff


If you have doubts about using a mobile app for your real estate business, consider the growth of Facebook. In 2012, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that their biggest mistake was underestimating mobile apps. Four years later, their profits have grown from $3.7 billion to $15 billion with 80 percent of their incoming revenue generated by their mobile app.

Trust the data

Now let's look to the most popular real estate app in the nation: Zillow. In 2015, they released a case study showing their website had the most traffic, but their mobile app held 95 percent of time spent on any of their platforms. This is consistent with the behaviors of all mobile users, who spend four to 18 times longer in apps than web or mobile web.

Mobile apps are part of real estate

These stats are indicators of a behavior – the behavior that consumers are loyal to the brand that is easily accessible when they need information. Google found that 66 percent of consumers, on their recent purchases, chose a brand that they had no loyalty to because that brand gave them the information they wanted faster and easier than the competition.


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Smash Your Doubts About Mobile Apps

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