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Real Estate Technology: Taking Care of Our Peyton Mannings: 04/04/2012

Real Estate Technology: Taking Care of Our Peyton Mannings

By Harper Thorpe on the CoreLogic Broker Buzz Blog

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Published: 04/04/2012
Posted by: RET Staff

Okay, so that’s a funny title to give a real estate blog post, huh? I’ve been watching the Peyton Manning drama unfold with great awe. As a San Diego Charger fan (yes, my heart stays forever broken) – it causes me great pause to see him find his way to the Denver Broncos. But what really fascinates me is the media feeding frenzy surrounding his every move. I guess that happens when you’re a four-time MVP, eleven-time Pro Bowler, and vie for nearly every passing record in the books. What’s quite interesting is how teams competed for him – the most talented free agent arguably ever. They rolled out red carpets, dispatched team planes, served up finest brandies, and lit up their fattest Cuban cigars. That’s what you do for the best talent out there. Those owners know Peyton Manning is worth tens of millions of dollars in new gate receipts, merchandise sales, and team value appreciation. It’s a tiny investment for the payoff he’ll certainly bring.

The observation translates to attracting (or keeping) the best agents out there. In my neighborhood of Scripps Ranch, I see the same guy’s name up on almost every sign. He sells the entire area. Over the past decade or so, he has become the Peyton Manning of my little suburban town. I can only imagine what his brokerage does to keep him. His glass is probably never empty. He probably gets the very best support and technology investment the brokerage offers. And, if he doesn’t, then someone else is going to lure him with it.


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Real Estate Technology: Taking Care of Our Peyton Mannings

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