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Mobile Apps vs. Responsive Websites: 12/04/2016

Mobile Apps vs. Responsive Websites

An article from the Smarter Agent blog

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Published: 12/04/2016
Posted by: RET Staff


Here's why responsive mobile design is not enough for real estate sales

Today it's normal to pull out phones while standing in grocery lines, at sporting events and in front of a house for sale. Ultimately, this means we are logging on multiple times a day, and these "mobile moments" as Google calls them, add up to big usage numbers.

Two takeaways from Zillow and Google

First, consumers are using mobile devices more and more because it gets them the information they want right away from a device they always have with them.

Second, though attention must be paid to the flood of people using the Web from their devices, engagement happens more in well-designed apps than on responsive websites.

Mobile apps are fast and to the point. They are quickly opened with a tap on your phone after you download them.


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Mobile Apps vs. Responsive Websites

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