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Listing Syndication - Who's Cited as the Source?: 02/17/2011

Listing Syndication - Who's Cited as the Source?

Is Your Listing Being Attributed to Another Agent?

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ReachFactor Go to Profile ReachFactor
Published: 02/17/2011
Posted by: ReachFactor

When property listings are syndicated to the major real estate portals, the portals often give credit (a citation) to the person or organization that supplied the listing. You’ve probably seen listing search results pages that look like this:



Comments on: Listing Syndication - Who's Cited as the Source?
by sara bonert 2011-02-17 04:38:18
Hey, Sara from Zillow here. On Zillow, in order for the agent to cited as the source, they have to actually be the data source, which means building an XML feed (I believe this to be the case on Trulia too). Very often, this is not something the agent can take on, and it can be rather costly to have built.

However, having the source cited is a huge help to the agent from the perspective of data management. Often agents just think that if they take it out of the MLS, then it comes off all sites on the internet. But they forget that submitted the listing other places like postlets or a real estate magazine. When the agent sees outdated info on a site, knowing where it is coming from helps them know where they have to go to update their info in order for it to be propertly syndicated.

by Victor Lund 2011-02-17 07:29:00
Nicely done Sara. Your "Source" comment not only applies to Trulia and Zillow, but just about every syndication site.

I prey that agents will not syndicate listings - it is a messy enough world today.

Last year, Century 21 Hometown (380 listings, Central Coast of California) had listings being syndicated to online publishers from Agents (postlets and Virtual Tours), MLS (listhub and Point 2), Broker (IDX Vendor), Magazine (Homes and Land and the Real Estate Book), and the Franchise (Century 21, Listhub).

Aside from the resulting chaos, we learned a lot about trumping order and business rules at various listing portals. Trust me when I say that one feed of all broker listings to selected sites is the way to go. In Century 21's case - the Franchise feed was the most beneficial because their agreements with Zillow and Trulia keep competing brokers/agents from appearing on our broker listings. Same business rules hod true for all REALTOGY Franchise Feeds and Keller Williams Feeds.

by Victor Lund 2011-02-21 05:30:05
I don't know why an agent would use anything on his site except IDX data - in that case most MLSs require that the listing agent be displayed as shown in your second example. While others information may display on your site you'll know that the data is the most comprehensive and up to date that it can be. I think that's a good trade off.

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Listing Syndication - Who's Cited as the Source?

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