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How to Search Engine Optimize Real Estate Photos: 09/05/2011

How to Search Engine Optimize Real Estate Photos

An Article by Anita Koppens of Dynamic Page Solutions

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Anita Koppens Go to Profile Anita Koppens
Published: 09/05/2011
Posted by: RET Staff

DC Ranch, Scottsdale Sunset The following article, by Anita Koppens, appeared originally on the Dynamic Page Solutions blog.

Yo u’re always hearing from us on the importance of link building and frankly, we know that most of you build your links with blogs because it’s fairly easy and quick. For those of you that can’t bear to write a lengthy blog post but are handy with a camera, it’s time to assess the value of search engine optimized real estate photos within your blog post.

It’s true that in the past, search engines put very little weight on image meta data-but now, with blended search-images, maps, places and news show up on search engines results page for queries. Here’s how you can take advantage of this as a real estate agent.

  • Take an exceptional photo
  • Make sure to use .jpg file extensions because .jpg are the preferred file format for photos. Other acceptable file formats are .gif and .png
  • USE KEYWORDS in the image file name – If the photo depicts a beautiful sunset in DC Ranch, Scottsdale, this would be a good file name: dc-ranch-scottsdale-sunset.jpg. Note that the keywords precede “sunset” and there are dashes in between the keywords. This is to help differentiate each word in the image

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How to Search Engine Optimize Real Estate Photos

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