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Friday Freebies

Friday Freebie: How to Attract and Keep Top Agents

By Kelly J. Phelan, RET Content Editor

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Kelly Phelan Go to Profile Kelly Phelan
Published: 02/11/2016
Posted by: RET Staff

frifree_lwolf-dating-gameRecruiting and retaining high performing agents is kind of like dating, according to a new guide from Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies.

It's a sentiment that rings true when you think about it. You start by identifying the traits of the ideal person you want to attract. Once you find them, you turn on the charm and try to convince them to 'go steady' with your firm.

Part of successful recruiting is making your brokerage as attractive as possible. Like dating, some of this involves looking your best (having appealing branding and a strong reputation). It also involves showing that you care for your intended and that you support their personal growth (via technology and training opportunities).

Free Guide: The Real Estate Dating Game

Lone Wolf breaks down the recruitment 'dating game' into four stages:

  1. Set Standards - What qualities does your ideal agent possess? Attention to detail, being driven, and having high 'emotional intelligence' are some of the traits the guide suggests.
  2. The Initial Attraction - Culture, branding, compensation, and technology provided are all things agents will judge your company on.
  3. Keep the Spark - Once an agent joins your firm, how do you keep the relationship healthy?
  4. Engagement - A long-term commitment means 'showing up' for the other in terms of providing support and of continuously nurturing your connection.

For more detailed tips and advice on winning the recruiting dating game, download your copy of the guide now!


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Friday Freebie: How to Attract and Keep Top Agents

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