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Effective Reputation Management with QSC: 01/10/2017

Effective Reputation Management with QSC

By Javan Briggs

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Published: 01/10/2017
Posted by: RE Technology

tech-guide_qsc_agent-profile-starredThe beginning of a new year is a great time to also think about how to strengthen your real estate brand and accelerate your business in the coming year. Our online Technology Guide is the best resource for understanding leading-edge services and vendors to support your success. At the heart of every brand-building plan is reputation management—and we feature the only qualified source for obtaining feedback from real clients.

The online reputation management system offered by Quality Service Certification (QSC) is the most effortless rating system for gathering client feedback and reviews. Individual Realtors can sign up on their own for an affordable annual fee or participate through their brokerage.

How It Works

Professionally designed and administered feedback surveys are automatically sent to clients at the close of every transaction. The survey covers 16 key industry-specific customer satisfaction points and can be completed by the client in minutes—it's free and clients don't even have to register to contribute their perspective.

Client reviews through QSC are the most reliable in the business, as they are independently validated by a third party with years of proven experience in measuring customer satisfaction outcomes in real estate. Unlike other rating websites where agents can 'game' the system by soliciting feedback from fake clients or, even worse, writing poor reviews about competitors, QSC's data only comes from validated clients who have closed a transaction with their agent.


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Effective Reputation Management with QSC

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