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Does Live Chat REALLY Work?: 04/25/2016

Does Live Chat REALLY Work?

By Mike Minard on the Delta Media Group blog

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Published: 04/25/2016
Posted by: RE Technology

wireless_headset_200pxMy good friend, business partner and real estate icon Jim Bray used to tell me, "I can't stand hearing from sales people that it only takes one more deal to pay for this stuff. REALTORS® need to stop buying stuff on the idea that it only takes one more deal to pay for it."

I took Jim's words to heart every time I would hear them, and in memory of Jim, I still do today.

With this in mind, about one year ago I started looking at the various chat providers. I looked into chat software providers, chat service providers and, being in the technology field, the computer hardware and programming that would be necessary to offer chat as a system provider.

Why Did I Do This?

I love watching and researching human behavior and how it correlates with technology. I have always been fascinated with technology, human behavior, and where the two meet in relation to the residential real estate business.

To be more specific, the online residential real estate world has been going through an evolution over the past 22 years. The pace of this evolution has dramatically increased over the past couple years.

Since 2013, I have seen a steady decline of people willing to schedule a specific showing request at a specific time on real estate websites. At the same time, I was seeing increases in generic email requests, where ironically someone would request a showing. At the same time, I was seeing growing popularity trends in live chat, especially among Millennials.

So, I wanted to dig into this opportunity more and see if real opportunities were being missed by not offering live chat.


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Does Live Chat REALLY Work?

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