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Does Having Multiple Domains Help My SEO?: 03/03/2013

Does Having Multiple Domains Help My SEO?

An article from BrokerageU by Tribus

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Published: 03/03/2013
Posted by: RE Technology

This post comes to us from BrokerageU:

brokerageu_multiple-domain-namesAfter four years of doing 30+ real estate speaking events per year, patterns start to emerge on questions. But no single question comes close to how many times I've been asked about multiple domains. I believe that no single issue in technology are REALTORS® more confused by than their domain names.

The Domain Grab

Just like in the days of the Homestead Act, when everyone went out and tried to find what would become their property, there was a mass land grab in domain names. But unlike the Homestead act, you could buy as many as you wanted and at just $10 a year, it was cheap to stake your claim (no worry of Cholera, Dysentery, Fording the River, or Hunting for food). I've seen brokerages and agents with hundreds of domains in their account. All creatively different ways to say

There's no problem in playing defense to prevent your competitors getting these domains, but where things go awry is when agents start to believe the more they own with their special keywords, the better they will do in SEO.


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Does Having Multiple Domains Help My SEO?

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