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Chat Bots: Don't Miss Out on the Latest in Real Estate Tech: 10/20/2016

Chat Bots: Don't Miss Out on the Latest in Real Estate Tech

An article from the Properties Online blog

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Published: 10/20/2016
Posted by: RE Technology

writing-laptopStruggling to keep up with the seemingly endless issues of clients? Real estate and technology can work in harmony for better control of these queries. What is this miracle cure? It's not an added staff member, but bots – those little help-chat boxes that pop up on every website from your health insurer to your cell phone carrier.

Building bots

Carey is a DIY bot development product technology that is currently in development. It will allow users to create their own 'automated response technology,' or bots. Created by AgentPair founder Clark Giguiere, it's very close to wrapping up beta testing. One bot, built for industry news-provider Inman, will be ready any day. Another is already in-use by Trulia, helping renters find places in major markets and providing local stats and data.


Bots are simple to find and use – even Facebook is using them. Just tap the Messenger's search tool to find a list of your friends and favorites, as well as available bots: Bots for sports teams and scores, news bots, bots for the Presidential race – you name it, there's a bot for it. Though certain key search terms must be used, bots are getting smarter and easier to use every day.

As industries struggle to rise to the top in today's digital era, bots are an emerging power. Will you take advantage of the innovative opportunities they have to offer?


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Chat Bots: Don't Miss Out on the Latest in Real Estate Tech

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