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CBS Chooses Text over QR: 09/25/2011

CBS Chooses Text over QR

"Monday Morning Mobile" from Seth Kaplan of Mobile Real Estate ID

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Seth Kaplan Go to Profile Seth Kaplan
Published: 09/25/2011
Posted by: Mobile Real Estate ID

Just recently we discussed how SMS/text messaging was the "old faithful" of the mobile industry.  While there is so much hype surrounding QR and Apps (for good reason), one shouldn’t overlook the benefits that an SMS campaign can bring to the table.  Perhaps CBS read that article because they have decided to implement an SMS campaign to promote their new fall lineup instead of using QR codes.  Philippe Browning, Vice President of Advertising and Operations at CBS Mobile stated the reason for going with SMS over QR codes was, “everyone has phones that support SMS."

CBS will use different calls to action in various print publication to deliver 60 second video clips of their new fall series to the mobile devices of interested consumers.  Each ad in each publication will be targeted to a different demographic and based on the call to action CBS will be able to measure the effectiveness of each advertisement.

This is concept can easily be replicated within one’s real estate marketing to measure the effectiveness of different forms of advertisement you may be running.  By creating multiple text codes for a property, one for each of your various advertisements (i.e. for sale sign, craigslist, the real estate book, flyer) you can measure the effectiveness of those ads by how many people text in for more information on each.


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CBS Chooses Text over QR

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