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What Are Your Clients Saying About You? The Importance of Consumer Surveys for the Real Estate Industry
By Maggie Hall, Communications Manager at Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies - A good client referral can result in a whole lot of business for a real estate...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Trulia Gives Lesson in Agent Ratings
By Victor Lund, CEO of RE Technology - WAV Group did a study that showed that 50 percent of real estate agents did not respond to online inquiries. Trulia, a...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Let Your Clients Market Your Services With Online Reviews
By Brandon Barker on the ReachFactor blog - Are you using real estate agent reviews for your marketing? If not, you might consider it. Online reviews are big...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Agent Ratings and Social Capital
By Mark Leader of REALTOR®Mag - When I first started selling real estate in the 1980s, the best advertising that money could buy was a full-page ad in the...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Keep Calm and Handle Bad Reviews
By Erica Christoffer of REALTOR®Mag - Online reviews influence potential clients. Nineteen percent of buyers used online recommendations to choose an agent...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Online Reputation Management 101
Learn more about Online Reputation Management, how to evaluate a solution, and available options - Your agents may have a certain reputation among colleagues...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
RatedAgent.coms New Redesign Targets Consumers and Mobile Users
By Kelly J. Phelan, RET Content Editor - Agent ratings website unveiled a new look this week. The site's overhaul features consumer-focused copy...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Brokers Should Update Their Contracts Now!
By Victor Lund, CEO, RE Technology - Brokers and agents can protect their online reputation with a small change in their contracts with consumers and terms of...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Going Above and Beyond The Deal
Kevin C. Romito of Quality Service Certification, Inc. - Spending more time focused on counting new customers rather than serving and keeping existing...
5 out of 5 by (6) Users
How Client Feedback Can Keep Your Business Booming
An article from the ReachFactor blog - Last week, Google announced that it would begin to use profiles, pictures and recommendations of ordinary people to...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Service Forensics: Diagnosis, Treatment, Survival
By Kevin C. Romito - In medicine, post-mortem examinations often yield discoveries that help save future lives. In business, examination of customer feedback...
5 out of 5 by (6) Users
The Value in a Quality Service Certification®
An article from the Lone Wolf blog - Perhaps one of the most valuable assets for a real estate brokerage is a proven history of great customer service and a...
5 out of 5 by (5) Users
Great Service and Keeping Customers for Life
More Than a Marketing Program - Service is all about attitude, caring for, and keeping your customers happy. Isn't it? It's doing whatever it takes. In...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
Real Time Real Estate
It’s not just for the consumer. Professionals can benefit, too! - From news events around the world, to financial events across the nation and interest rates...
5 out of 5 by (8) Users
How Are We Doing? Dare You Ask?
By Jeremy Conway of RECON Intelligence Services - It happened towards the end of a business lunch at a popular lunch spot. There it sat, hidden from view...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Turning Feedback into Referrals
An article from the IXACT Contact blog - It's a good practice to visit, face-to-face, with a client within 60 days of completing a transaction. You can very...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Survey: 72 Percent Trust Online Reviews
By Suresh Srinivasan of ReachFactor - In these final few weeks of holiday shopping, you've probably read quite a few online reviews of products you're...
4.75 out of 5 by (4) Users
Embrace Your Online Reviews – Good and Bad!
An article from the blog - Reviews are becoming more and more popular via the Internet and it may be the reason a consumer purchases a product,...
4 out of 5 by (3) Users
Your Real Estate Brand vs 2013: A World of Data and Reviews
By Chris Drayer on the RealSatisfied blog - Guest contributor Chris Drayer of RealSatisfied says: Perhaps scare tactics should be reserved for Halloween....
3 out of 5 by (3) Users
Past Business Brings You New Business on Yelp
An article from IMSD - If your customers include Generation Y--those 26-35 years old (and it should if you want to continue your real estate business)--then...
3 out of 5 by (2) Users
Successful Brokers Measure Repeat Business, Not Just Closed Transactions
By Emily Williams, RET Content Coordinator - Life would be simpler if we could gauge business success solely by closed transactions. Unfortunately, your...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
You are YOUR Brand – Be Brand Strong Online
An article from the blog - With the variety of ways to build your brand online, we decided to make it easy for you in today's blog. We want to share...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
The Empire’s Clothes
The myth about service and the naked truth. - The last 2 articles we published focused on the difference between better service vs. more services and that...
5 out of 5 by (5) Users
4 Tips to Protect Your Brand’s Online Reputation
An article from RISMedia. - Have you Googled your brand lately? Did you like the results you saw? Having negative search results appear in the top 10 results...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Watch What You Say
The latest Tech Tuesday video from Maya Paveza - Check out the latest video from Maya Paveza.
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Video: Facebook Friend Request Suspension? Work Around It!
Another Tech Tuesday video from Maya Paveza - Watch the latest video from Maya Paveza:
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Prospects Want Agent Ratings, Whether the Industry Likes It or Not
By Suresh Srinivasan of ReachFactor - Contributor Suresh Srinivasan of ReachFactor says: It’s still the same old story: Consumers like product ratings and...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Initial Thoughts on the Redfin Scouting Report
By Jay Thompson on the Phoenix Real Estate Guy Blog - Some within the real estate vertical are aware that Redfin, a Seattle based real estate brokerage /...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Find an Agent: The Sway (or Nay) of Online Testimonials
An Article from Brandon Barker of ReachFactor - Most anyone shopping for something these days seeks out reviews, and there a ton of them online. Whether...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
C.A.R. Launches REALTORS Ratings Pilot Program
A Rating System To Enhance Agents' Performance and Customer Service - MLSListings, Inc., and the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) Launch REALTOR®...
5 out of 5 by (8) Users