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A Simple Solution to Improving Agent Software Adoption: 01/02/2017

A Simple Solution to Improving Agent Software Adoption

An article from Clareity

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Published: 01/02/2017
Posted by: RE Technology

laptop-tabletReal estate brokers are caught in a horrific problem where they buy software for agents that the agents never use. For example, if you buy a CRM solution for every agent in your brokerage, you are doing well if 40 percent of your agents use it! That means that you may be paying $10 to $20 per agent per month for software that your agents are not even using. When you start to add up the total costs of all software solutions that you license for your agents, the numbers really add up.

Clareity Broker Dash Fixes the No. 1 Agent Adoption Problem

If you talk to agents, or you ask software vendors what the no. 1 problem is for not using software, the answer is the same, "I can't remember my username and password." Solving this prominent problem is the single biggest way to encourage agents to use software.

At the heart of Clareity's broker dashboard is our Single Sign-On solution. We work with your software vendors to create a solution where your agent logs in once and can access every software product you license from there. Imagine agents accessing marketing solutions, CRM, CMA, Lead Management, Accounting, Transaction Management, Digital Signatures, Forms, or any other software that you want them to use – even the MLS, in most cases!


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A Simple Solution to Improving Agent Software Adoption

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