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Is Face-to-Face Communication Being Phased Out?
Talking face to face is far more effective than shooting off an email, text message or power point presentation! - Everybody wants me to “Facebook” them,...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Facebook Changes May Mean Broader Outreach for Your Business
A Guest Post from the Roost Blog - We found this post on the Roost blog. New article from All Facebook discusses the changes that FB is making may be good...
4.6 out of 5 by (5) Users
Leads Management Myths
An article from RISMedia - Using the Internet to capture real estate leads can be an exciting way to earn new business. It can also be a major undertaking for...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
A Little Birdie Told Me: How Real Estate Agents Can Use Four Strategies to Become a Twitter Expert
By Anita Koppens on the Dynamic Page Solutions Blog - I am consistently at a loss to explain why it seems that so many real estate agents and brokers don't use...
4.33 out of 5 by (3) Users
Should You Hire a Social Media Consultant?
An article from the Obeo blog - Guest contributor Obeo says: This post is purely my opinion. I do not have numbers and stats to back it up, but I do have six...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Marketing Your Real Estate Business with Social Search Optimization (SSO)
By Karin Gage on the Properties Online blog - If you aren't using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, you could be missing out on...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Video: Tech Tuesday with Maya Paveza (Sep 27)
Watch the latest video from our social media guru! - For today's Tech Tuesday, Maya talks about email communication and mail delivery. Here's what Maya has to...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Gain the Competitive Edge with Electronic Signatures
By Kelly J. Phelan, RET Content Editor - How would you fare in this scenario? It's 4pm on a Friday. The price of your client's dream home has just been...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Amp Up Your Repeat and Referral Business
A peek at the new features of Contactually 2.0 - We love to follow start ups at RE Technology. It's exciting to see what fresh ideas young tech companies can...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
How to Discover Your A-List Clients
By Matthew Collis on the IXACT Contact blog - We recommend that you group the contacts in your real estate contact management software. Many of our customers...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Working with the Investor Client: 10 Tips for Success
By Jason Van Steenwyk on the Market Leader blog - This post comes to us from the Market Leader blog: Many new real estate agents dream of tapping into a...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
How To Effectively Use Testimonials
By Guest Contributor Ricardo Bueno of Diverse Solutions - Guest contributor Ricardo Bueno of Diverse Solutions brings us this article. Testimonials  are...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Real Estate Website Checklist: Seller Resources
By Geneva Ives on the Point2 Agent blog - Last week, we discussed which buyer resources you should add to your real estate website to attract homebuyers in...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
Top Five Client Relations Resolutions for Real Estate Agents in 2014
By Katie Weismiller on the blog - This post comes to us from the blog: As you brush up on the latest tech trends, efficiency...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Will They Take X Dollars for That House?
3 Tips to Reading Your Client - It is a question we get on almost a daily basis. Someone sees a home listed for sale (or rent) on this site and emails or...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Friday Freebie: Point2
An exciting new 'free' opportunity for you! - We’ve seen a wonderful response to our Friday Freebies series. By popular demand, we’ll continue to share the...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
4 Reasons to Start a Rental Division
We share the highlights of the RentJuice whitepaper. - We’ve been wowed by whitepapers from RentJuice before. Well, they’re back at again with an...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
Finding the Right Cell Phone for Real Estate
By Victor Lund, CEO, RE Technology - The first decision that a REALTOR® needs to make is Smart Phone vs. Dumb Phone. If you just want a phone and access to...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
By Harry Albert on the Tech Helpline blog - "The time for change is now," seems to be the new business motto for Microsoft. With the debut of the Windows 10...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Making Room in Your Ecosystem for QR Codes
A Key Piece of Complete Marketing - Just like your business cards, flyers, IDX website, and 'For Sale' signs, Quick Response (QR) codes are a key piece of...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
How to Search Engine Optimize Real Estate Photos
An Article by Anita Koppens of Dynamic Page Solutions - The following article, by Anita Koppens, appeared originally on the Dynamic Page Solutions...
4.75 out of 5 by (4) Users
3 Ways To Utilize Facebook Timeline for Your Real Estate Business Page
An article from the Showing Suite blog. - This post comes to us from the Showing Suite blog. Facebook has recently announced some new changes to the fan...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
4 Steps to Find the Perfect Tenant
By Emily Williams, RET Content Coordinator - Rental professionals want to fill vacancies quickly – but not at the (significant) cost of choosing the wrong...
4.67 out of 5 by (3) Users
How To Market YOUR Real Estate Website Like Trulia And Zillow Do Theirs
By Christopher Leo of Leading Agent - Okay, so the title of this post is a little misleading, simply because of this one, single fact. FACT: Companies like...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Questions to Answer before Your Next Redesign
By Jackie Berg of Onboard Informatics - Why is it that website redesigns with the best intentions always seem to find a way to go awry? Although every company...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Designations
An article from The National Association of REALTORS® - Real estate agents are busy people, right? Between prospecting for business and working with clients,...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Step 3: Capture More Buyers with Full-Motion Home Tour Videos
Step 3 of's 6-Step Online Optimization Plan - In an effort to empower real estate agents to convert online listings to leads,
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Promotion is Key to a Successful Original Content Strategy
By Christopher Leo of Leading Agent - I have repeated this statement so many times, I feel many of you are sick of hearing it. I'm going to say it again...
4 out of 5 by (5) Users
10 Things Real Estate Pros Need to Stop Telling Themselves
By Jared James of REALTOR®Mag - For any of you who either follow me on Facebook or Twitter or have seen me speak at an event, you know that there is one...
4.67 out of 5 by (3) Users
Google+ v Facebook – has the war just started in earnest?
By Peter Toner on the Web Real Estate Marketing Blog - Remember the running feud between Netscape and Internet Explorer? If you are under 30 probably not, ...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
#ICSF: Final Day
By Emily Williams, RET Content Coordinator - On Friday, the Inman Real Estate Connect conference wrapped up in San Francisco. The real highlight of the day was...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Your New, Weekly Content Plan
Build your blogging and social media presence in just 3 days a week - You've heard it before. Content is king. Sure, you know you're supposed to blog to help...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
5 Blogging Lessons Straight from Hollywood
A Monday Morning Motivation - For this week's movie night, I gave up my chick pick and let my beau choose. It was a good call. He picked one with a super...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
Early Bird Gets the Lead!
MIT Study Reveals How REALTORS® Can Manage Their Lead Responses More Effectively - Perhaps you've heard the expression, "The early bird gets the...
0 out of 5 by (0) User
Using Market Statistics to Gauge Brokerage Productivity
Trendgraphix Lends Insight into Utilizing Market Statistics - If you are thinking about how to boost agent and office productivity and utilizing key tools to...
5 out of 5 by (10) Users
A Closer Look at reDataVault by LPS
Q&A About This Listing Syndication and Management Tool - We understand that one of the top challenges for MLSs and brokers today are the decisions they must...
4.6 out of 5 by (5) Users
5 Real Estate Content Marketing Ideas
An article from the Inside Real Estate blog - Guest contributor Inside Real Estate says: Real estate marketing and lead generation can be a tough sport. No...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Top 3 Marketing Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make
By Matthew Collis on the IXACT Contact blog - As a REALTOR®, you have to wear a lot of hats. You may have not received much training in marketing even though...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
5 Reasons to Use Instagram as a Real Estate Marketing Tool
By Brianna Collier on the Showing Suite blog - Instagram is a social media platform that is centered around photo sharing. It's a way to creatively share...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Video: Trying to Learn at Events - Stop and Listen
Tech Tuesday with Maya Paveza - Check out the latest video from our social media guru, Maya Paveza:
4.67 out of 5 by (3) Users
Wait on These 4 New Years Resolutions and Prepare for Failure in 2011
Digital Life Clean Up for Real Estate Professionals - Just after welcoming in a new year, there are a couple of Digital Life Clean Up items that you need to...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Name the One Thing Photography, Gardening, Bodybuilding and Blogging Have In Common
Lessons on Blogging - They are all things that seem easy at first, but prove to require a developed skill to be successful. Photography:Buy a nice camera...
5 out of 5 by (5) Users
Video: How To Deal With Negative Comments And Reviews
A video from The Ticker Show - By now you understand the importance of blogging. You’re down with clients using review sites like Trulia, Zillow or Yelp to...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Introducing Inman’s 2012 Innovator Awards Winners
By Kelly J. Phelan, RET Content Assistant - Inman News recently announced the winners of their 2012 Innovator Awards during this year's Real Estate Connect...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
8 Things to Think About When Writing For Your Real Estate Website
By Lukas Soltys on the Lone Wolf blog - For all real estate agents, the most important part of their websites is generating leads. With that being said,...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Top 10 Articles About Video
A holiday series covering our favorite topics and articles. - More “top 10” from RE Technology! Boy, we’re having much too much fun with this. Let’s...
4.75 out of 5 by (4) Users
When “Loyal Clients” in Your Real Estate Database Hire another REALTOR®
By Matthew Collis of IXACT Contact - You hear through the grapevine that a past client is thinking of making a move. "No problem," you think. "He's in my real...
4.33 out of 5 by (3) Users
The market is poised for big change. Are you?
An article from the Real Estate Digital newsletter - The time is now. You've probably heard that a million times in the course of your life and business. But...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
What to Do When Tech Problems Strike
Did your favorite technology solution stop working? Here's how to get back on your feet. - Technology is a wonderful thing. When your devices function properly...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Why a Virtual Assistant Makes Sense
An article from RISMedia - Miguel Berger, broker at Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Tech Valley in Albany, New York joined the franchise in February of...
4.5 out of 5 by (2) Users