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Email Marketing Tips for this Holiday Season
An article from the Contactually blog - This post comes to us from the Contactually blog: By now we're well into this year's holiday season, which is arguably...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Tis the Season for Success
Just because the market slows down in December doesn't mean you have to! - While the real estate market slows down considerably in December, that doesn't mean...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Technology Can Help Build Connections
By contributor RISMedia - For decades, being able to get clients to instantly like and trust you was a must-have attribute for a real estate agent. This, in...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
12 Essential Words to Memorize for Social Media
By Suresh Srinivasan of ReachFactor - Using social media for real estate agent marketing is a no-brainer. That being said, real estate agents might still be...
5 out of 5 by (5) Users
5 Common Email Blunders to Side Step
Make Your Emails as Effective as Possible - It should go without saying: coherency is key. But again and again, we’re missing the mark when it comes to...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Matt Fagioli is a Gracious Guy
By Victor Lund, RE Technology CEO - Today, finding a brand that is not too awkward, and has an available domain name, Twitter handle, and Facebook handle is...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
Tips for Creating and Distributing Blog Content
An article from the Lone Wolf blog - Blogging is a great way to develop your online presence, share information with your clients and connect with fellow...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Is Lighting Killing The Mood?
By Jackie Goldstein on BrokerageU by Tribus - This post comes to us from the BrokerageU blog: Noel Coward once said, "Love is a question of lighting." If done...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Lead Generation and Secret Business Development
This week, Maya opens the floor to topic suggestions, unveils a new business idea, and (get to work!) assigns a "homework" assignment - Thanks to...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
9 IFTTT Recipes For Real Estate Professionals
By James Harris on the Lone Wolf blog - If This Then That (also known as IFTTT) is a free service that has become the go-to app for automating tasks between...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
iPhone Has More Stickiness
iPhone OS is the Leader in Mobile Internet Traffic - Based on a recent report from Millennial Media, despide lower marketshare of handsets, iPhone is the...
0 out of 5 by (0) User
Increase Office Productivity with These 5 Technologies
Focus on Performance and Streamline Your Communication - Do you ever look at your inbox and feel overwhelmed by the volume of emails, only to find that once...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
Search Is Going Mobile, Are You Ready?
An article and video from The Ticker Show. - Watching tech giants Google and Apple battle it out in the mobile space has been fascinating to watch. It seems...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
March 2014 Blogging Plan
By Emily Williams, RET contributor - We're back on track with our monthly blogging plans! You can check out last month's ideas in our February Blogging...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Have You Seen Your Website on iPad?
Time to Take Out the Mirror and See Yourself As Others See You - Have you seen your website on an iPad? This is important because the site you spent a ton of...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
4 Tips to Successfully Choosing a Vendor to Power Your Mobile Solution
Don't Learn the Hard Way - Guest Contributor John Lim says: First, let me start off by saying I am a hybrid geek and proud of it. And in this day and age,...
5 out of 5 by (5) Users
Does the Real Estate Brokerage Matter to the Home Buyer / Seller?
Amazing Agent vs. Amazing Brokerage - Here is a question that often stirs debate in real estate circles: Does the Real Estate Brokerage Matter to the Home...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Step 6: Increase Exposure, Increase Buyer Inquiries
Step 6 of's 6-Step Online Optimization Plan - In an effort to empower real estate agents to convert online listings to leads,
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Are Bing Ads Worthwhile for Real Estate Agents?
By Alyssa Nardozza on the Market Leader blog - This post comes to us from the Market Leader blog: According to recent data from the National Association of...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
8 Things to Think About When Writing For Your Real Estate Website
By Lukas Soltys on the Lone Wolf blog - For all real estate agents, the most important part of their websites is generating leads. With that being said,...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
6 Reasons Why a Lack of Social Media Consistency is RUINING Your Business
Consistency = trust. - If your social media marketing campaign is suffering from inconsistency you have a MAJOR flaw in your strategy that is LOSING you...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Real Estate and Microsoft Docs for Facebook
Microsoft Brings Competition to Google Docs - Real Estate has a love/hate affair with documents. According to research performed by the WAV Group, the real...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
6 Tricks for Dealing with Difficult People
Staying calm is only the beginning. - As a broker, you’re required to interact in a professional setting with many strong personalities. Not only must you...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
iOS7 Is About to Get a Little Less Flat
By Joseph Sullivan on the Bits and Bytes blog - If you're an iOS7 user, you've noticed something very different from the previous look and feel of iOS: gone...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Time Blocking for Real Estate Prospecting
A video from the IMSD blog. - Blocking out time for real estate prospecting is one of the habits that sets top real estate agents apart from their...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
How to Draw Home Shoppers to Your Real Estate Site… And Keep Them There
An article by RealBiz Media - Homebuyers, more than ever, are searching for homes online. Attracting those individuals to your web site is essential for your...
3 out of 5 by (2) Users
Watch What You Say
The latest Tech Tuesday video from Maya Paveza - Check out the latest video from Maya Paveza.
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
On Positioning. On Conversion. On Email. On Being Smart.
An article from the Happy Grasshopper blog - I've just returned from a week spent with some of the brightest minds in real estate. At Real Estate Connect New...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
What’s the Deal With Landing Pages?
By Kim Manning on the Tribus blog - As a real estate agent, home buyers are coming to you as the end-all-be-all source of information on a specific area. Okay,...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Lead Classification, Going Beyond Generation
It's Not About Getting More Leads its about Getting the Right Leads - Generating leads is considered to be one of the most important tasks of a real estate...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Specifying a Lender. Steering? Illegal? Or just Stupid?
By Jay Thompson on his Phoenix Real Estate Guy Blog - This article was originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. There was a “featured” post on Active...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Following #Midyear (Wednesday)
By Emily Williams, RET Content Coordinator - Seems like many of our readers are interested in hearing more about the goings-on at NAR Midyear. So let's take a...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
You Don’t Always Want a Client Testimonial
By Chris Drayer on the RealSatisfied blog - Chris Drayer of RealSatisfied says: "Always ask for a testimonial, because you never know who will give you...
4 out of 5 by (4) Users
One Agents Advice for Selling With Soul
By Matthew Collis on the IXACT Contact blog - Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, a former top producing real estate broker turned author, knows how to energize a real...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Working the “Lead Funnel”: 4 Key Factors
Guest Contributor Victor Lund Gives Us a Crash Course on Lead Conversion - Everyone talks about online leads. In the case of the Internet Marketing Specialist...
4.75 out of 5 by (4) Users
House Poor: Big Losers and Short Sales
A Friday Funny by Steve Cook - We're bringing back our Friday Funnies series with this piece from Steve Cook. In Mirage Mills, we've seen it all when it comes...
4.33 out of 5 by (3) Users
Don’t Worry About Keeping Up, With One Big Exception
It’s hard to keep up with latest social media site or this week’s most popular app. Tech expert David Pogue says you can ignore most of it, but there is...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
8 Resources for Saving Green this Earth Day
By Kelly J. Phelan, RET Content Team Member - It's Earth Day--but we're not going to talk about saving the environment by going green today. While there are...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Real Estate Website Checklist: Seller Resources
By Geneva Ives on the Point2 Agent blog - Last week, we discussed which buyer resources you should add to your real estate website to attract homebuyers in...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
New Features Added to zipForm® Plus
By Kelly J. Phelan, RET Content Editor - zipForm® has always been a powerful solution, if sometimes overwhelming to use. That all changed last year, though,...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
7 Ways to Avoid a Tax Audit for 2010
Watch Out for These Common Pitfalls - The Internal Revenue Service audits about one percent of US Taxpayers each year. As a real estate professional, you are...
5 out of 5 by (12) Users
5 Reasons Apps Arent Always a Must for Tablets
Opting Out of the App Frenzy - Believe it or not, an app isn't always required to take care of business on a tablet. So if you can't find the app you're...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Juggling Too Many Contacts? Consolidate with Plaxo!
Part One of a Seven Part Series Called “Tired of Networking in Person? Try Online Networking.” - As a REALTOR® you will always need to attend networking...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
+1 Is Not the Loneliest Number
It's "Like" for Google - Guest Contributor Chris Brogan says: I was just reading about the Plus One button from Google. Essentially, it’s going to be a way...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
5 Reasons Theres No Replacement for Personal Interaction
An article by Victor Lund, RE Technology CEO - Today’s real estate agent faces a daily avalanche of emails and voice messages. It gets so overwhelming,...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
How to Discover Your A-List Clients
By Matthew Collis on the IXACT Contact blog - We recommend that you group the contacts in your real estate contact management software. Many of our customers...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
5 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your SEO
By Shaun Harkley on the Lone Wolf blog - For those of you who are taking on the role of creating and managing your website and the content on it, there are a...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
House Poor: The Perils of Progress
A Friday Funny by Steve Cook - My real estate agent, Bea Meriwether, is one of those real estate people who thrived in the days when the business was all about...
4.5 out of 5 by (2) Users
To Be or Not to Be? In This Case, Not to Be!
A Friday Funny - Are you discrouaged in your work? Sometimes it's more effective to inspire yourself by looking at a bad example.  If you need a...
0 out of 5 by (0) User
Missed the Boat: Six Sad Reasons Most Agents Fail
Critique of Misrepresenting Agents - I just read an article in an online real estate publication entitled "Six Sad Reasons Most Agents Fail" written by Laura...
5 out of 5 by (1) User