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Step 6: Increase Exposure, Increase Buyer Inquiries
Step 6 of's 6-Step Online Optimization Plan - In an effort to empower real estate agents to convert online listings to leads,
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Learn how to be a Paperless Agent™ with the GoodLife Team and RE Technology!
Register for our free iPad for Real Estate webinar - "I've begun to wonder how many agents who own iPads actually know how to use it in their business. I've...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Using Technology
Inversely Proportionate to Your Wallet - The history of the Internet is a story of inverse proportion; as technology accelerates, the barriers to it—both...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
4 Steps to Find the Perfect Tenant
By Emily Williams, RET Content Coordinator - Rental professionals want to fill vacancies quickly – but not at the (significant) cost of choosing the wrong...
4.67 out of 5 by (3) Users
How-To: Best Apps for Presenting RPR Reports on the iPad
By Reggie Nicolay on the RPR Blog - A few months ago we launched; the site is aimed at documenting real stories of RPR users. Today I...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
How to Nurture a Sales Opportunity
By Shannon O'Brien on the Market Leader blog - Look closely. Right there, between lead generation and lead conversion, is the step that most agents trip over:...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
The Tools for Lead Generation
By Jim Kimmons on the WebsiteBox blog - Guest contributor WebsiteBox says: Once you buy into lead generation as a process involving site content, premium...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Commercial Real Estate Success, Courtesy of RPR®
By Emily Williams, RET contributor - We have been publishing a series of articles that profile how real estate professionals are leveraging Realtors Property...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
Tech Tips: Creating a Great Real Estate Website
An article from the Lone Wolf blog - Do you know your target market? From staging the homes you are showing, to creating a website, there are many strategic...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Top 10 Grammar Mistakes to Avoid (Part Two)
5 Common Grammar Mistakes Writers Make - In my previous post, I covered 5 of the top 10 grammar mistakes to avoid in your writing. Today, I'm going to share...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
Pump Up Your Sales with New Twists
By Tanya Spilchak on the Point2 Agent blog - Have you noticed that business today is facing a bit of a challenge? With costs of doing business changing,...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Leigh Brown’s Top 5 Answers to Client Objections
By - Leigh Brown, the self proclaimed, “No B.S. Realtor,” joined Secrets of Top Selling Agents sponsored by last month and spoke...
3.4 out of 5 by (5) Users
Your New, Weekly Content Plan
Build your blogging and social media presence in just 3 days a week - You've heard it before. Content is king. Sure, you know you're supposed to blog to help...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Phone Call Follow Up
A Post from Mitch Ribak on the HomeGain Blog - The largest mistake I see in lead conversion is the lack of phone call follow up to Internet leads. Most of the...
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
The Easiest Guide EVER To Open House Announcements (Seriously!)
An article by Karli Larson of - Karli Larson of says: Although some agents debate whether holding an open house can have...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Tech-ing It To the Next Level
9 Stategies For Doing More with the Technology and Web Sites You Already Use - Branded web site. Check. Facebook fan page. Check. Document...
0 out of 5 by (0) User
Top 10 Safety Tips for Home Showing and Shopping
An article from the blog - 73% of homebuyers have told us that when shopping for a home, the neighborhood crime rate is the most...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Using Floor Plans and Photography in Real Estate Ads
Here's how to engage potential buyers with interactive floor plans and well thought out photos in your real estate marketing. - Guest contributor Ian Grace of...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Recruiting Experienced Agents Is a Sales Process
Tips for Recruiting Quality Agents - Recruiting new agents is, for some managers, a task that seems to be a hit or miss proposition. They will try and engage...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Whats Next for Brokers? Apps
Seattle-based John L. Scott Real Estate Launches Android App - While some real estate brokers around the country have yet to launch a blog or Facebook page, a...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
5 Reasons Apps Arent Always a Must for Tablets
Opting Out of the App Frenzy - Believe it or not, an app isn't always required to take care of business on a tablet. So if you can't find the app you're...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
How to Gather More Client Reviews
By Suresh Srinivasan of ReachFactor - In the wash of lukewarm real estate news, there's good news for real estate agent marketing. New reports reveal that...
5 out of 5 by (6) Users
Your Holiday Greeting Sucks
By Celeste Grupman of Happy Grasshopper - I'm not trying to offend anyone, but you know who you are and I want you to please stop sending lame holiday...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Realizing Facebooks Potential
An article from the Onboard Informatics blog - The questions regarding Facebook marketing and its profitability have raged on for years. As the debate swirled,...
4.5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Choosing a Lockbox
Our guide to what you should know and what questions to ask before purchasing - This is the latest in a series of 'Buyer's Guides' that feature questions to...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Dont Sell Me....Help Me!
Why Trying To Sell Someone May Be Causing Them To Not Call You Back - Guest Contributor Jose Perez says: There are some interesting things happening when it...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Quick Tip for DocuSign Users
Why use the Go Back Button to make changes? Use the Tag Toolbar! - A growing number of agents and brokers are choosing to use DocuSign for digital signatures....
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
Big Announcements Kick Off NAR Midyear Trade Expo
By Kelly J. Phelan, RET Content Team Member - Day one of the National Association of REALTORS® Midyear Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo saw major news...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Third Parties Making Money from Disorganized Real Estate
A Call to Brokers and MLSs to Change Negative Trend - WAV Group has been pretty outspoken about third party listing websites. They exist because brokers,...
0 out of 5 by (0) User
Consumer Mindset: Home Owning is Better Than Renting
Vast Majority of Americans Believe It's More Beneficial To Own a Home Than to Rent - As someone who may have recently bought a home, or (more likely) are...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Spruce Up Your Showcase Ad
A Post from the Zillow Blog - Showcase Ads are a great way to directly target leads, drive more buyers to your listings, and even win more listing business....
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
10 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your IDX Listings
By Guest Contributor Ricardo Bueno of Diverse Solutions - Guest contributor Ricardo Bueno from Diverse Solutions brings us this blog. So you’ve installed...
4.33 out of 5 by (3) Users
15 Quick Fixes for Your Website Copy
By Emily Williams, RET Content Coordinator - You can argue about whether or not content is king until the cows come home, but at the end of the day, there's no...
4.5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Should I Get a New Domain Name for My New Real Estate Website?
An article from the Lone Wolf blog - In short, no. This is a question that comes up quite frequently with clients moving their web presence. When you have an...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
4 Ways to Help Buyers Prepare for Higher Mortgage Rates
An article from The National Association of REALTORS® - After years of historically low mortgage rates, home buyers are seeing the tide turn and wondering how...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Luxury Homes for Sale Skyrockets Above 30,000 Nationally
Buyers Selection of Luxury Homes Grows as Number of Days on the Market Drag On - Inventories of homes for sale for over one million rose above  30,000 ...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Want to Grow Your Real Estate Business? Go International!
Start Your Global Marketing Campaign to Increase Your Lead Generation and Attract New Real Estate Buyers - Capturing business from American homebuyers has been...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Are You Remarkable? If You Choose to Be
A Monday Morning Motivation - The end of the year is approaching, and as we all look back over our years and evaluate the successes and room for improvement,...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
Video: Is Your Broker Offering You “Hand-me-down” Training?
A Video from Michael Krisa, That Interview Guy - Michael Krisa is back with another insightful video for real estate professionals. Today's topic: hand-me-down...
5 out of 5 by (3) Users
Lessons Learned in 2011: Know When to Fall on the Sword
Our series of tips to make 2012 a success continues! - I'm a big believer that every person we meet has something to teach us. In fact, I find daily...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Sharing the Love on Shareable Sites
By Anita Koppens on the Dynamic Page Solutions Blog - In real estate marketing, agents are always looking for new ways to make inroads to help generate...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Friday Freebie: Agent Makeover Sweepstakes
From the blog. - We're doing something a bit different for our Friday Freebie this week. We're letting do the talking, explaining...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
How Real Estate e-Newsletters Help You Keep in Touch
An article from the ReachFactor blog - Veteran real estate agents are still in the business for a number of reasons, a very important one being their...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
How to Manage Remorseful Clients
By Shannon O'Brien on the Market Leader blog - This post comes to us from the Market Leader blog: Just like brides and grooms can freak out and leave one...
5 out of 5 by (1) User
iPad 2: Its Here!
A Friday Funny - Just when I thought there were no more opportunities to poke fun at Apple, I get a Facebook message from one of our devoted
5 out of 5 by (4) Users
4 Reasons Giving Positive Feedback Rewards
Monday Morning Motivation - I made someone`s day last week. How do I know? She told me. I had a bit of time to kill before an appointment and I was starving,...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
The REALTORS® New to the Game, Need a Game Plan
By Agi Anderson of Real Pro Virtual Marketing - The REALTORS® who are most successful in today’s real estate  industry have a strategic plan that...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users
Did You Miss our iPad Webinar?
By RE Technology Staff - Our webinar "How to Wow Clients with Your iPad" was so popular that we unfortunately ran out of space! If you missed the webinar, we...
4.2 out of 5 by (5) Users
What Makes You So Special?
By Suresh Srinivasan of ReachFactor - When you sit down to write or rewrite the “About Me” section on your web site or Facebook page, it’s easy to get...
5 out of 5 by (5) Users
Guess Youll Be Needing a REALTOR®!
A Friday Funny - There's another type of "real" when discussing estates.  Watch this reel of funny real estate commercials!  It's Friday!  If...
5 out of 5 by (2) Users