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The Real Estate Confidence Index and One Big Prize: 10/07/2010

The Real Estate Confidence Index and One Big Prize

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Published: 10/07/2010
Posted by: RE Technology

Over the past year, many of have received emails from Point2 seeking feedback about the real estate market in your area. This has allowed them to track current market trends, and long term outlooks – ultimately providing real estate professionals insight into what is happening in the market and where it may be headed.

By participating each month, Point2 was able to gather data from some of the best in the field (like you!) and develop an informative document called The Real Estate Confidence Index.

This June marks a bit of a milestone…it was one year ago they first created the Real Estate Confidence Index. The past year has seen some pretty cool things, including being featured in some of the industry’s highest profile publications, such as INMAN News, REALTOR Magazine Online, and RIS Media.

While there has been market ups and downs, Point2 can only hope for more positive change in the real estate market. 

They enjoy reading agent and broker feedback each and every month. They’ll admit – they have it pretty good here in Saskatchewan – and the opportunity to hear about what’s going on in other parts of North America can certainly be enlightening. Not only are they able to take your valuable input, compile it into a digestible format and provide it back to you – but hearing your thoughts and concerns about the real estate industry in general helps them continue to grow and understand their members.

 One Year of RECI, One Big PrizeContinue reading to learn how to access the research ...


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The Real Estate Confidence Index and One Big Prize

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