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4.4 out of 5 by 5 User(s)

Product Description


TRENDSend™ is an automated online e-marketing system, with built-in market data content. This drip marketing tool enables real estate brokers and agents to save Facts & Trends™ searches and set-up automated, yet personalized email campaigns using Facts & Trends™ graphs and charts as content.

TRENDSend™’s reporting engine uses MLS data to generate its market statistics and is available to new and existing Trendgraphix broker clients in the company’s current MLS coverage areas with volume user purchases and on a monthly subscription basis.global_communications

With TRENDSend™brokers and agents have timely and relevant data to send to their prospects and clients every month, making the process of staying in regular contact with their database easy and time-efficient.

These email campaigns are sent out to prospects and clients every month. TRENDSend™ is was designed to make the process of staying in regular contact with a database easy and time-efficient.

User Product Rating

4.4 out of 5 by 5 User(s)

Comments on: TRENDSend™
by Victor Lund 2010-11-10 05:47:11
This is a product more agents should be using. It would allow you to provide a detailed report about all listing and sales activity around a subject property. Think of this as a stock ticker.

As a shareholder in public companies, I get a report on the value of my portfolio, but as a homeowner, I can only guess about the changes in the value of my home from month to month. With TrendSend, my agent would be able to give me a good monthly indicator of the value of my largest asset - my home.

The only reason why consumers go to Zillow for this information is because their real estate agent or broker are not providing it.