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Training Books for REALTORS and Agents

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Product Description

Carmel Publishing's Book Training series are designed for real estate brokers and agents. They provide they real estate industry with information on how to promote their services and prospect.

Trainer Ernie Blood has trained and spoken to hundreds of thousands of real estate agents and brokers, and for the past 30 years he has compiled training information. This information has been compiled into book form for the real estate industry to help train real estate agents and brokers.

Carmel Media currently has the following training books for purchase:

  • 2001 Winning Ads For Real Estate- 2,001 classifieds ads for any type of listing;
  • How to Farm Successfully by Mail- How to cultivate your farm area;
  • How to Farm Successfully by Phone- Learn to cultivate your farm area via phone;
  • Multiply Your Success with Real Estate Assistants- How to break through to higher earnings;
  • Power Real Estate Letters (Including Computer Software)- Save time and produce market savvy letters;
  • Real Estate Advertising That Works- Learn how to sell;
  • Terry Murphy’s Listing and Selling Secrets- professional success stories;
  • The Professional Assistant- A book written for real estate assistants.

Carmel Media also offer Ernie Blood’s training information in pocket guides, audio and video formats as well. Subject matter may vary between the formats. These can be ordered individually, as needed.

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Printing Services, Training

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User Product Rating

0 out of 5 by 0 User(s)