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Cracking the QR Code

When It Comes to QR Codes, What About Clikbrix?

Part 2 of a 5 Part Series Called Cracking the QR Code

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Published: 02/03/2011
Posted by: Real Estate Technology

Clikbrix_embed_qr_codeQR codes are addictive, especially for those of us who like to walk around entertaining ourselves with our high tech phones. Each time you scan there is a sense of excitement and anticipation – especially with those QR marketing campaigns that purposely hold back information that is ultimately translated to your phone. It’s like getting the white mystery flavored Skittle in your bag of colorful candy and finding out a whole new flavor like root beer!

If you are curious, go to on your mobile browser. It will magically pick the right reader for your phone. Once you have loaded the QR reader to your phone (as mentioned in the first part of this series), scan the QR code to the left for a special offer. A great site to find the QR Reader of choice is

QR codes are popping up everywhere now: billboards, price tags, websites, newspapers, blogs, and other marketing mediums. Now they’re also popping up in the real estate space! And tech savvy vendors to the real estate industry are embracing this technology in a variety of ways – linking to profile pages, linking to property pages, linking to virtual tours, linking to neighborhood tours, etc.

This week we were able to preview the Clikbrix QR code solution for real estate professionals. We spoke with Erik Goldhar, co-founder of QR marketing agency, ‘QRe8 Mobile Experience’, the parent company of Goldhar has a background in Canada’s digital marketing and ad world. Clikbrix and have been working on QR codes for the past 2.5 years and saw a gaping opportunity for this technology in the American real estate space.

During this call we were able to understand several of Clikbrix’s points of view regarding the following:

1.) What are the benefits of using QR codes to promote real estate business?
2.) What are some industry challenges you see with QR codes for marketing?
3.) What solution is Clikbrix offering to the industry?


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When It Comes to QR Codes, What About Clikbrix?

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