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Cracking the QR Code

Want to Track the Effectiveness of Your QR Codes?

Part 4 of a 5 Part Series Called Cracking the QR Code

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Published: 02/03/2011
Posted by: Real Estate Technology

goomzee_qr_codeDid you know you can Google “Free QR codes” and create your own QR codes? It’s true. This technology is not patented and therefore costs nothing to generate.  Better yet, real estate technology vendors are offering this service for free too!

The next step with a marketing tool, like QR codes, is lead generation.

How do you track the success of your marketing efforts? If you can’t measure it, does it have the value or reach you expect?

The good news is that QR codes can be harnessed to validate marketing efforts, providing real estate agents and brokers with and understanding of who viewed your marketing, and more importantly – your QR code will track the potential customer’s phone number.

This week we were able to preview the Goomzee QR code solution ( for real estate professionals. We spoke with Mike Sparr, founder of Goomzee.  Before founding Goomzee, Sparr worked for Nokia and believes in keeping a pulse on mobile consumers to target emerging technology trends. While Goomzee started working with QR code technology three years ago, Sparr believes the time for QR codes is just now in the beginning stages.


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Want to Track the Effectiveness of Your QR Codes?

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