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Maya Paveza

Use QR Codes to Avoid Facebook's Pay-per-Click Charge!

Top Producer Hacks Facebook: QR Codes for Real Estate

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Maya Paveza Go to Profile Maya Paveza
Published: 02/01/2011
Posted by: Maya Paveza Inc.


I considered just holding onto this for my coaching clients, but decided this was too cool and wanted to share it with everyone. For a long while I have been recommending to agents that they use the Facebook advertising system, besides the insanely powerful demographics and ability to target your ad campaign, the price for the pay-per-click (PPC) model is really great.

What I discovered today was a total stumble upon moment. After I did the Future of Marketing 60 in 60, there was a rise in the discussion of QR codes in real estate and how effective they are, or will be. I know Lesley Lambert has been using them for a while and I defer to her as the expert for that, she is a rockstar. Some of the debates I have had have included the value of tracking the QR code to the user.


Comments on: Use QR Codes to Avoid Facebook's Pay-per-Click Charge!
by Marilyn Wilson 2011-02-02 18:19:35
Great trick! I just downloaded the QR reader on my Droid - I'm going to have to try it!

by Melissa McHone1 2011-02-02 18:29:30
I downloaded a QR reader a couple weeks ago and it's fun to use, I really like it. The only problem I have had so far is when I am viewing a QR code in the browser on my phone I can't copy the QR code and either paste or upload it to the QR Reader. My QR reader only works if I take a picture of the QR Code....Are there QR readers out there that have additional functionality?

by Victor Lund 2011-02-03 07:51:00
I think that this is a great strategy for all advertisers that are running pay per click campaigns. It may well kill the business model

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Use QR Codes to Avoid Facebook's Pay-per-Click Charge!

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