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Tuesday Tech Tip

Tuesday Tech Tip with Maya Paveza of

Maya Paveza Answers Our Top Three Social Media Questions!

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Maya Paveza Go to Profile Maya Paveza
Published: 06/14/2011
Posted by: Maya Paveza Inc.

Maya strikes again, dropping some knowledge on our RE Technology readers. In this week’s video, she answers three important questions:

  1. Android or iPhone?
  2. How can REALTORS® use QR codes?
  3. How should agents discuss crime stats?

Pulling from her own substantial experience and her research, she provides in-depth answers and actionable advice. For example: have you ever considered adding a QR code to your business cards?

Read on to the next page for the video!


Comments on: Tuesday Tech Tip with Maya Paveza of
by Peggy Taylor 2011-06-15 12:34:04
Maya, how do I learn about the possible discount on the QR code products! I am VERY interested in this service!!

by Matthew Gaskill 2011-06-16 20:32:20
Really? The tech tip person touts blackberry? Sorry, but you lost all credibility.

by Seth Neal 2011-06-18 10:24:36
I don't want to come across as mean; but really?! REALLY?!

How about if you are NOT on ATT or Verison an iPhone isn't an option anyway? No mention of that? OK... How about if you've already purchased a lot of iOS apps for your iPad or iTouch then maybe an iPhone is a good option. This was just silly.

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Tuesday Tech Tip with Maya Paveza of

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