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Maya Paveza

To Check In or Not to Check In

Where is the Value in Foursquare for Real Estate?

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Maya Paveza Go to Profile Maya Paveza
Published: 01/04/2011
Posted by: Maya Paveza Inc.

checkin-bell-200pxI have been using FourSquare for longer than I can remember, but I do remember listening intently to Dennis Crowley at Inman Real Estate Connect last January in New York and really getting it. It is amazing the kind of data that FourSquare is aggregating, the value that the information alone could offer marketing and advertising agencies is mind blowing. The question has often been; what is the practical application for the real estate industry, if there is one?

There are pros and cons to every technology we use, new innovations and movements are always happening. FourSquare seems to be picking up momentum, and still defining its place in our culture. I believe it is here to stay, especially as we see all the new “location” based applications and additions to existing social services.


Comments on: To Check In or Not to Check In
by Victor Lund 2011-01-04 08:16:04
Good notes about privacy concerns.

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To Check In or Not to Check In

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