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Maya Paveza

Time to Reinvent the QR Code?

QR Codes Used in New Ways on Facebook

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Maya Paveza Go to Profile Maya Paveza
Published: 02/10/2011
Posted by: Maya Paveza Inc.
qr-code-upcI finally got the kids to sleep for the night and was settling in to work on some content for The Hip Roof, when I stopped by Facebook to post a note to a friend about a TV appearance they made that was buzzing on Twitter, and I was hijacked by an ad.

In the exact same place I saw the QR code ad last week there was a "UPC" – Universal Property Code, as the company is calling it. Stop, reverse, let's check this out. So I clicked through and was taken to their site, where I read, and I attempted to scan their "UPC" code. My QR scanner, which comes in the Blackberry Messenger, is supposed to be a 'universal' reader – couldn't read this code. I look a little further on their page and discover I need their app for Android or iPhone to read their code.


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Time to Reinvent the QR Code?

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