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Listings to Leads

Step 2: Get More Calls with Persuasive Property Prose

Step 2 of's 6-Step Online Optimization Plan

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Published: 11/04/2010
Posted by: RE Technology

In an effort to empower real estate agents to convert online listings to leads, published the 6-Step Online Optimization Plan. This report covers the following topics:

  • Intro: Get more buyer leads from your online listings
  • Step 1: Generate more buyer leads with photos
  • Step 2: Get more calls with Persuasive Property Prose
  • Step 3: Capture more buyers with full-motion home tour videos
  • Step 4: Getting online home buyers to your Open House
  • Step 5: Your social network is still your #1 profit center
  • Step 6: Increase exposure, increase buyer inquiries

Following the introduction and step one of this report, step two discusses how to use persuasive property prose to capture the attention of new leads.

How often do you come across a listing online that has nothing but the short abbreviated characters that were typed into the MLS? Chances are, more often than not. If you were a home seller, would you be disappointed to see your home presented that way, without any effort being given in how your homes attributes are being sold? This is a perfect opportunity to outshine your competitions lack of care in how the are promoting their clients home.

The following will give you tips for writing a persuasive property description that can be used online, in print, and as voice-over dialogue in a video or virtual tour.


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Step 2: Get More Calls with Persuasive Property Prose

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