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Monday Morning Motivation

Rid Your Vocabulary of the Word Impossible

A Monday Morning Motivational

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Published: 05/16/2011
Posted by: RE Technology

questionAfter watching the Inside Job, a documentary detailing the who and why behind the 2008 economic collapse that so grossly affected the real estate industry, I felt a surge of doubt about overcoming the economic downturn and returning to the America of old. Certainly at the moment, there has be a lot of pessimism circulating the industry as agents look at the bleakness of the current market.

Corny as some videos can be, every now and then it can be a good idea to sit back and remember that before greatness often came doubt. Nay-sayers voiced their opinions before inventions came to completion.

Today, as you go into your work week, take a few minutes to think through some of the most famous innovations and feats in our modern world, and remember that those inventors also had people saying their was no market, no one would buy, or they couldn't do it.

Go into this week, empowered that today is your day to pave the way to success. No matter the odds, it's important to remember not to be daunted by the word "impossible."


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Rid Your Vocabulary of the Word Impossible

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