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Product Reviews

Product Review: ePropertySites Property Marketing Tools

By RE Technology Staff

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Published: 08/13/2012
Posted by: RE Technology

ePropertySites describes their goal in their mission statement: "Perfecting the art of property marketing online and on site." For this reason, we've focused this review on several of their tools focused on marketing individual properties. However, their robust array of products also helps real estate professionals with personal marketing and much more.

There are a few key strategic objectives that agents and brokers can accomplish with ePropertySites:

  • Building a property website before the listing presentation enhances your ability to secure the listing
  • Leveraging your iPad to exude your technical expertise and marketing savvy
  • Highlight your seller's property with a single listing website
  • Enhance your search engine optimization effectiveness
  • Convey far more information to the buyer than what is offered through IDX property search

The Basics

ePropertySites offers several different pricing plans for their services. Each of the tools we're going to discuss here is included in every plan. For a better understanding of options and pricing, visit

Step One: Earn the Listing

Property marketing cannot begin until the seller selects you as their agent. For this reason, ePropertySites offers their Flipshows for listing presentations. These "flipshows" or "flip books" combine your custom images and text. ePropertySites offers an iPad-friendly version of their Flipshows, recognizing that the iPad has become a favorite listing presentation tool.

You can check out an example of a listing presentation Flipshow here.



Comments on: Product Review: ePropertySites Property Marketing Tools
by Victor Lund 2012-08-14 07:32:15
Can the agent select which sites to syndicate listings on, or is the selection all on or all off?

by Chris Bates 2012-08-14 20:52:42
Great question! While we default to all of the Real Estate Channels as "on", you may choose which portals to syndicate to by simply unchecking the appropriate box.

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Product Review: ePropertySites Property Marketing Tools

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