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7 Prospecting Tips!

Part 4: Want More Leads? Focus on Referrals!

Part 4 of a 7 Part Series Called 7 Prospecting Tips

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Published: 02/17/2011
Posted by: RE Technology
handshakeWhen it comes to technology and the real estate agents, I believe agents want to use technology to its fullest extent to serve customers better and in the most cost-efficient way. But they have been overrun by technology.

Some real estate agents are are searching for a technique, tool, software or system that will eliminate the task of prospecting, when in fact it will only eliminate prospects. It's time to get back in touch with some real, fundamental principles about the reality of prospecting.

Tip #4: Generate more referrals


Comments on: Part 4: Want More Leads? Focus on Referrals!
by Victor Lund 2011-02-17 07:09:45
David - I totally agree with you. Working your sphere of influence is an absolute first step to selling a house or two. You are also absolutely right that 67 percent of listings are the result of friends, relatives or past clients.

But the stats do not tell the whole story. The real story is that 90% of agents only sell a house or two a year. The reason is because they are not building their sphere, and working their sales funnel every day. Here is what I want to know - If an agent wants to close 5 transactions a month, how many people do they need in their prospect pool?

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Part 4: Want More Leads? Focus on Referrals!

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