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Agent Ratings 101

Part 4: Are You Reaching for Reviews? (ReachFactor)

Part 4 of a Series Called Agent Ratings 101

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Published: 04/21/2011
Posted by: RE Technology

You're not afraid to walk up to a new house, knock on the door and hand a stranger a flyer.

You're not afraid to self-promote online through websites, blogs and social media.

You're not afraid to work with that high-maintenance seller and list their split-level.

So why do many REALTORS® find it so intimidating to ask past clients to review them?

In this Agent Ratings 101 series we have showcased a number of different solutions and platforms that provide a means to generating and sharing agent ratings/reviews online. What's better than self-promotion? Client testimonials.


Comments on: Part 4: Are You Reaching for Reviews? (ReachFactor)
by ReachFactor 2011-04-21 07:51:02
Thanks guys for the article. One of the things that inspired me to start the company was the empirical evidence we collected at my last company around agent marketing productivity. We had 1000s of data points that showed how fast an agent's marketing effectiveness was eroding (seen through rapidly decreasing lead conversion rates & higher lead costs in all aspects of marketing). There are many trends that tell us consumers have already shifted their service provider selection patterns & we didn't think anyone was really addressing this problem properly. It's still early but we can see we're making a difference. I'd love your feedback.

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Part 4: Are You Reaching for Reviews? (ReachFactor)

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