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Agent Ratings 101

Part 2: Build a Mountain of Compliments!

Part 2 of a Series Called Agent Ratings 101

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Paden Followwill Go to Profile Paden Followwill
Published: 03/01/2011
Posted by: Real Estate Technology
Mountain_of_agent_image_1People like to evaluate and share experiences. When it comes to evaluating an experience and letting others know where they landed, the people that choose to take time out of their day are typically those who either had an exemplary experience or an awful one.

Agent ratings serve two purposes:

  1. To give valuable feedback to an agent for him/her to understand areas of strength and areas that need to be strengthened
  2. To provide the agent with testimonials they can use to build their online reputation and establish local expertise

As you are reading through this series about agent ratings and the available solutions to real estate professionals today, what is your motivation?

Are you looking for a marketing tool? Are you looking for a way to stand out from your other local competitors?

Or do you feel like you have reached a plateau as a professional and would like feedback to help you grow and expand your skill set?

This series will help both types of people find the solution that fits their needs.


Comments on: Part 2: Build a Mountain of Compliments!
by Victor Lund 2011-03-02 05:59:39
I am not sure if Mountain of Agents is good or bad. I did a search in my area, and found no agents within 25 miles. If I add myself, then I would be there alone - which may be a really good marketing ploy. It seems like some thresholds need to be met for agent ratings to be effective.

Are there any Associations of REALTORS who are adding all of their agents to Mountain of Agents? Are there any Franchises or Brokers adding all of their agents?

Clearly Agent ratings is a good thing for our industry - give consumers some form of allowing agent selection on a quality scale based upon past performance. It will also hold agents responsible for successful transactions.

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Part 2: Build a Mountain of Compliments!

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