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Monday Morning Motivation

Go Into Your Week Smiling

A Monday Morning Motivation

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RET Staff Go to Profile RET Staff
Published: 04/03/2011
Posted by: RE Technology
friendly-woman-smillingTo Smile is to...
  • Wake up – Show others you care by giving attention to their needs
  • Be thankful – The opportunity to serve is a gift... not an entitlement
  • Be approachable – We're at each other's service and contact is where it starts
  • Complain less – Being positive is more fun
  • Smile. Really – It's where pleasantness begins

To Move is to...

  • Start early & go long – Get lost in your service to others
  • Exceed expectations – Dismiss mediocrity. Expect and enjoy more from yourself
  • Have a sense of urgency – Everyone's time is valuable
  • Be resourceful & resilient – Results are what we're all really after

Comments on: Go Into Your Week Smiling
by ania miller 2011-04-04 05:53:56
I am inspired! Thank you for that! It takes many more muscles to frown than to smile, plus, it is contagious!

by Roberto Gosim 2011-04-04 11:51:12
Thank you!You already made my day...:)

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Go Into Your Week Smiling

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